Capelli group publish paper in Current Opinion in Genetics & Development

A review on the genetic history of Southern Africa by Francesco and Cristian has just been published in Current Opinion in Genetics & Development.

Montinaro F, Capelli C (2018)

“The evolutionary history of Southern Africa”

The genomic variability of Southern African groups is characterized by an exceptional degree of diversity, which is the result of long-term local evolutionary history, migrations and gene-flow. Over the last few years several investigations have identified and described signatures related to these processes, revealing how ancient and more recent events have shaped the structure and ancestry composition of local populations. Here we discuss recent insights into the genetic history of the Southernmost part of the African continent provided by the analysis of modern and ancient genomes. Future work is expected to clarify the population dynamics associated with the emergence of Homo sapiens across Africa and the details of the process of dispersion and admixture associated with the arrival of Bantu-speaking groups in the region.