Capelli group publish paper in Nature Communications

Montinaro F, Busby GBJ, Pascali VL, Myer S, Hellenthal G, Capelli C (2015)

Unravelling the hidden ancestry of American admixed populations”

The movement of people into the Americas has brought different populations into contact, and contemporary American genomes are the product of a range of complex admixture events. Here we apply a haplotype-based ancestry identification approach to a large set of genome-wide SNP data from a variety of American, European and African populations to determine the contributions of different ancestral populations to the Americas. Our results provide a fine scale characterization of the source populations, identify a series of novel, previously unreported contributions from Africa and Europe and highlight geo-historical structure in the ancestry of American admixed populations.


Thanks to Alessandro Corlianò for the help with the figure.

This map summarizes our results in term of contribution to American population from African and European sources. For detailed informations refer to

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